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Load Cell Junction Box Wiring Diagram Pdf - 2 Wiring the Junction Box The JB104SS junction box model has been designed to connect and trim up to four load cells per board. However it is possible to use this box with other combinations. Use the expansion port on the main board (shown below), to connect multiple junction. 1. Route your load cell and speed sensor cables through the special 4 hole cable grip. Locate the load cell terminals and connect. Wire the speed sensor cable to the indicated terminal also on the circuit board. 2. Route your power cable to the control box and run the cable though the 1 hole cord grip.. Mount the junction box in an appropriate area of the weighing platform. Remove the top cover and set aside. Insert each load cell cable and the homerun cable thru the corresponding gland. Per the wiring diagram, connect all wires. When finished, make sure all of the screw terminals are tightened and connect the shields to the grounding post..

supply power while mounting the junction box and working inside the integrator. STEP 1 Label and Mount Junction Box Label the junction box on the provided spaces to specify the type and capacity of the scale. Mount the junction box in a secure location within 30 feet of the scale components. Use the attached drawing to drill mounting holes.. box. The T & B Non-Metallic Liquidtight Strain Relief Connectors are used for weatherproofingand corrosion resistance. Four connectors on one side of the box are used for load cell connections. Two connectors on another side of the box are used for output signals, relay outputs and power connections. 6. 1. Pin the load cell link between the wire rope (wedge) socket and the dead end as illustrated below. 2. Your system is calibrated at the factory. 3. If you have any questions please call our sales department at (888) 562-3222 or (780) 437-2986. NOTE: Ensure the load cell does not contact the boom or rigging at any angle when pinned in place..

Strainsert manufactures superior universal load cells for applications where force and strain are of the utmost importance. Full load cell CAD library.. Junction Boxes; Cards; Load Cell Simulator; Printers; Agriculture Scales. Agriculture Scales; Instrumentation. Indicators / Controllers; Intrinsically Safe; Wireless Communication; Load Cells & Weigh Modules. Load Cells and Force Transducers; Weigh Modules; Load Cell Cable; Load Cell Hardware; Load Cell Simulator; Platform Scales. Bench Scales. May 16, 2017  · Load cell junction box FJ4 can be used for load cell signal trimming up to 4 load cells.Stainless stainless steel housing,IP65 protection,widely used in.

Product Categories. Amplifiers and Junction Boxes. ANYLOAD load cell amplifiers provide load cell and transducer signal conditioning and can accommodate all strain gauge type load cells while junction and summing boxes accept inputs from multiple load cells and sum the generated signals into a single output to ensure an accurate multi-cell balance adjustment.. If the current material transport system is by conveyor belt, the Compu-M is used in conjunction with a belt scale. The Compu-M provides a local display of: load, speed, flowrate and total flow. If the application material is free flowing, the Compu-M is combined with a dry solids flowmeter.. See the diagram of the John Deere Grain Drill Scale Kit. 11. Install the front and back load cell with the 2-1/4” x 3/8” pins. Make sure the load cell arrow sticker is pointed up. 12. Let the seed bin down to about 1” and slide the rear bracket on. Use the 5/8” x 8” bolts in the front 2 holes..

When used in conjunction with the AW190 Intelligent load Cell junction box, individual load cells can be also monitored. Up to 8 off AW190 Intelligent Junction boxes can be monitored (32 load cells) by a single Target 260A when used with an external power supply.. Connect several load cells in parallel by using, if necessary, a watertight junction box with terminal box. The load cell connection extension cables must be shielded, run individually into their piping or conduit and laid as far as possible from the high voltage cables. Welding: Avoid welding with the load cells already installed..

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